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There is beauty to be found in embracing the multiplicity of stories that constitute our identities. The essence of home is portable and fluid—always growing and adapting, fusing and mingling with different times, places and people, expressing itself in new forms and stories.

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Travelling Dinner Ta(b)les, 2023 - ongoing

Travelling Dinner Ta(b)les is a dinner series, that draws inspiration from the book Designs for the Pluriverse from anthropologist Arturo Escobar. Where I explore the dinner table as a micro-example for the imagination of a ‘pluriverse’, “a world in which many worlds can thrive.

Each dinner takes place in a new environment, with a community based relation to agriculture. Every event, new voices are invited, people from a variety of backgrounds. Through interacting with personal food stories and the local ingredients in the specific environments, we create a communal dinner that acts as an ongoing dialogue around the movements of our identities and foods. Reimagine narratives from people on the move, translate rituals around food, and find overlap and cross-cultural connections in seemingly disparate histories. The table becomes a place to explore the notion of ‘home’ in a sensory and embodied format through tasting, smelling, seeing and storytelling, in order to investigate what new spaces of inter-generational healing and belonging movement creates. Indicating how food connects us to the past and the future, the local and the global, and how they unite in the here and now.  

I hosted the first dinner, this summer during my residency at Robida Collective at the Italian-Slovenian border. The second dinner, was hosted during my residency in November at Casa Balandra in Portòl, Mallorca.

The food ‘pot’ can be seen as a container—to gather, to research, to preserve—but also a place for transformation, stirring movement, and hosting the possibilities for regenerative futures.
Dinner series, 2023 - ongoing

Casa Balandra, Portòl, 2023 >>