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There is beauty to be found in embracing the multiplicity of stories that constitute our identities. The essence of home is portable and fluid—always growing and adapting, fusing and mingling with different times, places and people, expressing itself in new forms and stories.

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Spreadmag, Issue 05 ‘Movement’, 2022

As editor of SPREAD MAG, I co-created and conceptualised issue 05. In this issue, we find it essential to go beyond physical movement and focus on the not always visible mobility. This issue proposes an experimental form of exploring ‘movement’, to observe the dynamics of our inner worlds that are (not) willing to change. Living with physical limitations imposed by the outside world, we move in accordance with our self-imposed need to move. It seems that we all move to reach a certain destination - people choose their path daily, birds fly out and return, but above all, the philosophy of movement is about the process. By moving and slowing down, we look at ourselves, our cultures and local customs, and strive to reach our roots.

The 5th issue of SPREAD MAG. reflects on the moving (no)bodies. A movement that speaks to us. A movement that complies and resists. A movement that implies continuous change. This issue is designed to be experienced, flipped and rotated. In times when feeling stuck and inert, one can see this as a treasure. Go ahead, move and be moved.