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There is beauty to be found in embracing the multiplicity of stories that constitute our identities. The essence of home is portable and fluid—always growing and adapting, fusing and mingling with different times, places and people, expressing itself in new forms and stories.

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Book launch: ROZENSTRAAT - a rose is a rose is a rose

On Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, I had the privilege of presenting The Girl Who Crossed the River with a Tablecloth in Amsterdam at ROZENSTRAAT - a rose is a rose is a rose. Alongside Dr. Anja Veirman, lecturer and researcher at LUCA School of Arts, we facilitated this wonderfully intimate gathering. Throughout the evening, it evolved into a meaningful dialogue with the audience, as we explored how the themes of the book resonated uniquely with each person present. Attendees generously shared their personal stories and reflections, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

You can purchase the book here

Book launch, 2024

Photos by Hagar Schuringa
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